Natasha’s Bedroom – Cuckolded By Your Pregnant Wife

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Description: Natasha surprises you by announcing she is pregnant, but then reveals she was most likely impregnated by a black stripper at her bachelorette party. That’s right, she cucked you before you were even married! She then humiliates you further by saying she will never fuck you again as you cannot satisfy her, all you will do is raise her bi-racial baby in shame and eat the cum out of her well-fucked pussy. Ste takes off her shirt to show her bra and then towards the end exposes and squeezes her nipples once. I have great news, honey. I’m pregnant! I know how much you’ve always wanted a baby, and now we finally have one on the way. That’s right – you’re going to be a father…well, kind of. Remember that week I went away for my friend’s bachelorette party? That’s when the baby was conceived.Oh sweetie, does it really surprise you that I’ve been fucking other men? I don’t think that little dicklette of yours could get anyone pregnant. And you many not be the biological father, but you’ll be the one taking care of our little biracial. It’s going to be hilarious when people see us together with our half-black ; everyone will know that you’re my little cuckold husband.And as my belly grows with our baby, I’m just going to get hornier and hornier. There’s no way your tiny dick will be able to satisfy my pregnant libido, which is already insatiable. I’m going to put you to good use: you’ll have to get me ready by eating out my pussy, and suck huge cocks between my fucking session, and then clean out all that cum that’ll gush out of all my holes. You want to take care of your pregnant wife like a good husband, don’t you?
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