Femdomshed - Sasha the Black Bully - Slap your stupid white face for me

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Description: Am I your superior black Goddess? Good, I want you to hurt yourself for me. If I was in front of you right now I would love to slap your stupid face with my bare hands. But I'm not in front of you, so I want you to slap your own face on my behalf. I want you to slap your face as hard as you can for my amusement. If I had you in front of me now on your knees, I would pound you as hard as I could knocking your head from side to side. So do it for me, slap yourself again and again, harder and harder for me! I would leave your face like a beaten red pulp if I was there right now. And all because you are a filthy lowlife pervert. I would slap your gormless face so hard with my bare hands that you would realise you are nothing compared to me. Do it for me bitch. Slap your stupid face for me and inflict pain on yourself for my amusement. Do it in my name!
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