Femdomshed - Princess Sera - MY SPIT ALL OVER YOUR FACE

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Description: I'm gona shower you with my sweet tasting spit and you will be grateful that I did. HAHAHA, look at it dripping down your chin and off the end of your tongue. Open wide gimp boy, I want you to feel the warmth of my saliva running down your face and dribbling down the back of your throat. Look at you you useless little cock sucker. Look at the state of you, such a pathetic little loser with a cock smaller than my little finger. OPEN WIDE LOSER! Faggot boy, you have my spit all over your face. You look such a mess! But you should worship this loser, you should worship every bit of bodily fluid that I give you as I am your Princess. Clean your self up you sad pathetic little worm. HAHAHA, I love degrading and degrading you, it's such good fun having my own sissy faggot to spit at all day long.
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