Femdomshed - Cuckoldress Natalia Forrest - My panties drive you mad in chastity

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Description: A Princess like me only wears the best quality underwear, and I take great pride in my collection. A loser like you should feel so privileged to look through them as I tease and flash them at you. I put my whole collection of underwear on the bed asking you which ones you like. Under any normal circumstances you would be loving every minute of this, you would be cuming in your pants, but unfortunately for you, you have been over 20 days in your chastity cage, and your balls are desperately in need of an empty! I can see the trauma in your eyes as I tease you with my lovely knickers, I rub them under your nose and waft them into your face driving you completely mad! I also try a few pairs on and taunt you to the max while you are helpless in front of me with your cock hard as rock in it's cage;) You don't know how lucky you are! A bitter sweet treat;)
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