Clubstiletto - Princess Skylar - Cuckie’s Nasty Duties

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Description: Princess Skylar is a young lifestyle cuckoldress who is new to Club Stiletto. She loves hung studs, especially black men but dont worry; she married you for a reason! She needs a cuckold… and thats you. In this scene, she fleshes out what it means to be a cuck. She exposes her big breasts to you, but informs you they’re not for you to lick. She teases you with the sight of her pussy, but again, your cock is not penetrating that! What is left for you to do then? The dirty work! If you’re not bankrolling her lifestyle, you’re cleaning the grit off her sweaty feet, cleaning her dirty asshole, or licking the stench off her pits before one of her boyfriends arrives to fuck her. Yes, other men will be fucking her; guys with big dicks who actually turn her on. Your job is to prepare her body for these sexy encounters, and fluff those big dicks so they (and she) can cum! You are a cuckold!
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