Humiliation POV - Princess Meggerz - Swish Your Nasty Load In Your Mouth As You Jerk To Me

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Description: I know you already have your container of cum ready for me. I know you wouldnt have bought this clip if you werent prepared. And I know youre wondering what youre going to be doing with that container of your own cum. Perversions are flashing through your mind right now because you know Im one evil bitch. And I love watching you suffer for me. And since you were such a good boy in preparing that cup of cum for me, that Im going to tease you a bit with my body. I want you to enjoy this. I want you to allow your cock to get hard to me. Im going to make it rock fucking hard. Just look at my body as I tease you, thats it, so hard. Jerk it for me. So what am I going to make you do with your cum? Its all for you, its not for me, ew gross, I dont want your disgusting jizz. You can be selfish with it. Now look at that nasty nut of yours. Next close your eyes and drink it, but Dont swallow it! Let it linger in your mouth for a little bit. Good boy. Just hold it in your mouth with the hope that you might be able to spit it out when Im done with you. Heres what youre going to do loser. Youre going to swish that nasty salty cum of yours around in your mouth while you jerkoff to me. Yes yo are. Because if you spit it out, you dont get to cum, you dont even get to jerk it. And then I get to laugh at you for putting it in your mouth anyway. Youre halfway there already and you know you want to, so you might as well swish it around as you jerk your cock to my body. Jerk it to me with a mouth full of cum. Its so fucking hot, isnt it? Youre so fucking disgusting and pathetic but you cant help it because your dick is hard and you love me. Are you going to cum for me again? Yes, I know you are. All for me. Faster and swish that nasty nut around in your mouth, you disgusting idiot. Stroking, swishing your fucking mess. Im going to count you down while you jerk and swish. 5, 4, 3, Swallow! You heard me, swallow it. Now if you want to cum you better catch this next load in your and you better lick it up too! How does your mouth taste right now? Ew youre a fucking loser. 3, 2, 1.. Cum into the palm of your hand. Now you already ate one load for me, whats a second? Look at it and lick it up.
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