Clubstiletto - Mistress Bijou Steal - Passing Out or Passing Over

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Description: You are mesmerized by Bijou’s shiny, black latex gloves. The scent of rubber arouses you, and you want to dr*wn in it. You will. And Bijou guarantees your dick will stay hard till it’s over. When is it over? Depends on your lung capacity and your desire to live, as she presses her hand over your mouth and then finishes by squeezing your throat. We know your desire to live isn’t great; your life has little value seeing you are willing to gamble with it. But ah! The delirium, the ecstasy of that light-headed feeling as you sink into the black abyss… are you merely passing out, or are you passing over? In the end, only Bijou will know for sure.
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