Clubstiletto - Mistress Bijou Steal - Can You Afford it, Bitch

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Description: You obviously have a foot fetish, judging by the way you're staring at Bijou's feet. Not that she would let you lick them..necessarily. Depends if you can compensate her for her time. As if Mistress Bijou would let any loser slobber over those gorgeous feet! She'd rather spend her time with real men. But, If you have the cash required, then she'll allow you to indulge yourself for a brief while. Don't have the cash? All you get is a tease!... How much are you willing to degrade yourself to get at those sexy feet? And by degrade, Bijou means open your wallet, bitch! Sooner or later you're going to fork over the cash, or forever regret having wasted this opportunity. Your dick will always get you in the end anyway!
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