Goddess Jasmine - Geek Chris HD/Dirty Abused Flip Flops

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Description: Can I please get another lipstick cuckold clip like the last one called cry Chris hd. Just all of you face and sexy lip close ups. Again you are laying on load of pink lipstick but this time also metallic pink lipgloss. Layer on layer pouting and smirking as you tell me about the emotional torture you are going to put me through. This time you are the girl at school I fancied but always just bullied me and picked on me. You are going to bring in to the room The school bully and make him beat me up whilst you laugh then you will slowly suck him off right in front of my face whilst I’m crying. You love bullying me and seeing me cry especially whilst you fuck someone I’m scared of and break my heart. Please also have a nice glamorous necklace a on and nice eye shadow to complete the look. A nasty look in your eye whilst you talk to me and humiliate will go down well!
Models: Goddess Jasmine
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