Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy - Sweaty Outdoors Walk Part 2

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Description: Kandy has been walking in the woods for several hours, and she needs to take a dump. She positions herself on a log, orders you to lie underneath her, and pulls her panties aside. Open wide, bitch! You are expected to eat every morsel. Should you neglect to do so, Kandy will stick her foot in her sch10t and proceed to face fuck you with it! She means business! Toilet slaves are required to be FULL toilet slaves and leave no waste behind. And should someone walk by in this very public space, don't think Kandy will abort her mission. Make no mistake, she doesn't care if someone sees you in this compromising position. Finally, Kandy has voided herself completely and she continues walking. You follow a few paces behind, your miserable mug coated in sch10t. This is how low you've sunk. And you will continue to sink lower. You have been christened as her Outdoor Toilet!
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