Humiliation POV - Goddess Alexa - Sweet Seductive Forced Bi Blackmail Trickery By Your Best Friend

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Description: We need to have a talk, you know you can trust me, weve been friends for so long, I know you better than anyone else does. And I know that youre always trying to hide the fact that youre gay. Dont try to deny it. We both know that youre just a fucking little faggot. Youre just too shy and scared to admit it. And Im going to help you become the man that you want to be. Isnt that what you want? You know I only have the best intentions. I mean I can hook you up with some really hot guys. I know you watch gay porn all the time, I know what you do. And Im ready to help you out so you can live the life I want you to live. Ill make it so easy, you just have to do every little thing I want, and I promise Ill make you into my dirty cock sucking whore in no time. So heres what I want you to do. I want you pull up some gay porn so you can watch me and the gay porn at the same time. Now start watching, watch both of us. Look at how hard you get at the thought of me making you watch that faggot porn. Ive always known you were gay, and you know I love gay guys. Now I want you stroking as you watch that gay porn. Feel how hard your cock is, you dont get this hard watching girls, do you? It takes huge cocks in order to really turn you on. You are such a fucking little faggot. What are you looking at right now, me or those cocks? All you care about is cock. I want you to send me your phone number, that way if I ever need you I can call you. Wouldnt you like that? Go ahead, send me your phone number. What a good boy you are, keep stroking. You can trust me, just keep your hand on your dick and keep stroking. You know I also think it would be good if I had access to your Twitter and Facebook pages. Send me all of your social media information. You know Im your best friend and you can trust me. Do it for me, just for me, I know you need me, so do it, watch that gay porn, stroke your dick and just give me what I want. You are so obedient when youre horny and what makes you horny? Cock. Youre a fucking faggot. I know. You are just so weak, you need me in your life, without me youd be so lost, wouldnt you? So make sure along with all of your social media links that you include your username and password because what good are they to me with out them. And I know you want to give them to me because youre so horny right now and you clearly cant think straight. Jerk harder and faster as you send it. Youre so weak but it feels so good giving me what I want. Look at those big huge dicks on your screen, I know you cant stop. You wish it was you sucking on those big dicks. And remember I told you Id help you, Ill help you become the faggot that you really are inside. And I will. I know you want to cum so badly and you can, just as soon as youve sent me all of the information that Ive asked you for. Keep jerking, press send, jerk faster. Press send! Good boy. I know youd press it, you want to cum so bad. But before you cum, now that youve pressed send, I want you to know that Im going to blackmail you. Im going to blackmail you into becoming the cock sucking faggot that you want to be. I cant believe you were dumb enough to fall for that. I mean, when have I ever been that nice to you before? I was just being sweet to get you to send me all of your information so I could use it against you. Youre such a stupid little faggot, whenever your hand is on your dick you just get so dumb. Thanks for the information, idiot.
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