Clubstiletto - Princess Skylar - A Slave for your Sis and Me

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Description: Princess Skylar hasn't kept her promise of keeping your newly-wed sex life secret. She told your baby sis every nasty, kinky detail. How you're lucky to even be allowed to lick her feet. How you never see her pussy and tits, but merely serve as a fluffer to her many boyfriends. You're not a husband; you're a cuck! The only penetration that occurs in your bedroom is your wife plunging her dildo inside your ass! Upon hearing just what a loser you are, your sis was initially disgusted, but then she became increasingly amused... especially when Skylar suggested they both use you as their slave. Imagine! Your baby sis joining your wife in dominating you 24/7. By the way, wifey even revealed the nastiest detail of all... that you serve as her full toilet. Guess you'll be doing the same for your sister as well!
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