Femdomshed - Princess Brook - Your ultimate reward

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Description: Now I've got what I wanted from you, you've signed your house over to my name, you've assigned all of your possessions and assets into my name, and you've divorced that cow of a wife of yours. You did it for me. Because I'm worth it. AND TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. Today is your ultimate reward. You've given me what I asked for, and now it's my turn to give you you your reward. Get that dick out for me, your dick has been desperate for this moment since the second you met me hasn't it. Well here it is. Here is my big perfect ass, and you have my permission to jerk your dick off over my sexy cute bum. Wank that cock for me and enjoy every second of it. You deserve this. Jerk your cock as you stare at my perfect ass in the flesh. This is your treat for giving me everything you owned and doing everything I asked for. This is the highlight of your life isn't it. Jerking your cock off over my ass after you've given everything up for me. Is it worth it? Does it feel as good as you imagined to give everything up for me for the ultimate reward of jerking off over my perfect peach of an ass. Come on, cum over my ass….. This is the moment you've been desperate for…. Shoot your load over my ass and complete our agreement. Finished loser? GOOD, NOW LICK THAT CUM OFF MY ASS AND FUCK OFF…. YOU'RE WORTHLESS TO ME NOW YOU'RE BANKRUPT!
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