Humiliation POV - Miss Tiffany - Stoned, Brainwashed And Mindfucked By Brats

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Description: All you do all fucking day is get stoned and watch humiliation porn and jerk off. Isn’t that right, loser? That’s all you fucking do! And the porn that you’re watching is a bunch of hot girls like me, telling you that you have no fucking chance with us. Yet still, there you are, jerking it furiously. You think it’s so fucking hot, lol! All the girls on this site want nothing to do with you, loser. I know your stoned, and you’ve probably already been jerking for hours like a stupid stoned jerk zombie because that’s what you stoner losers do. You pull your dick all day to hot girls who tell you how much they hate you. And you love it. Instead of going and trying to get a girl, you isolate yourself in your room, get high, and jerk for hours to girls who want nothing to do with you. That is your choice, that is your preference. You’d rather smoke up and jerk your life away. Pathetic, really. How much of your life do you think you’ve wasted doing this? I’ll bet you’ve been doing this for years. You really are a loser, do you get that? Do you feel more submissive when you’re high? Or does it just make you stupid? Is you being high and me telling you what a loser you are, what you need in your life? It must be. You could be doing anything right now, but you’ve spent so much time being stoned and mindfucked by us that you’d rather be here, high as fuck and humping your hand yet again. You understand that the more you jerk off to us, especially in an altered state of mind, the more control we have over you. It makes it easier for us to get in your head. Sure we tease you with our hot bodies in cute little outfits, but it’s only to manipulate you. You get high and open up your mind and let us in. And you’ve spent so much time high and jerking that you’ve been brainwashed to the point that you can’t cum unless a hot brat is humiliating you. We know Exactly what we’re doing. We have created this entire world where guys like you get so addicted to us that you can’t stop spending on us, or you become a stupid clip addict. Keep smoking and tugging away loser. Turn your brain to mush. You’ll never stop, you’re far too hooked to stop. You just love getting high and jerking off to humiliation porn. Nothing else feels this good, does it? Take another hit loser. I want you to cum and I want you to know that when you cum all your little brain cells that have been fucked over by us are gonna come right out of your fucking dick.
Models: Miss Tiffany
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