Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy - Outdoor Thirst Quencher

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Description: More naughty scenes in nature, featuring what Mistress Kandy does when nature calls and she has a slave along! Here, she is nearing the end of her hike, and you have already served as her human toilet by consuming her sch10t. Now she pauses next to a clear stream, asking you how thirsty you are. The answer being; very, as you have tagged along all afternoon under the hot sun. Kandy sticks her panties to the side and squatting on a rock right above that delicious clear stream, she lets out a thick yellow stream of urine. Lucky boy you are; she ate asparagus the night before to leave her piss extra scented. Consume every last drop, bitch, then lick any splash traces off the rocks and her pussy. How convenient! A personal, portable outdoor toilet for Mistress who obediently follows her everywhere she goes.
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