Violet Doll - Make Yourself Useful

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Description: We all know boys are only good for two things. First of all, your money. You work for Me. If you aren’t paying, I’m not interested. You live to please Me. And the only other way you can please Me is to go down. Eat My pussy until I cum, over & over & over. You probably suck at giving head, but I’m willing to train you to get what I want, as long as you’re obedient. I don’t want to see your stupid face, I want nothing to do with your useless cock. It’s ridiculous just hanging there off your body, & I’m sure you don’t even know how to use it. You think you’re supposed to just stick it in & repeatedly a woman with your silly erection. No. I don’t want that thing anywhere near Me. Keep it in your pants. Just go down between My legs & get to work. Follow My instructions, don’t talk, don’t look at Me. Make Me cum, & then you may leave.
Models: Violet Doll
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