Humiliation POV - Princess Nikki Next - Gym Brat Makes You Sniff Her Socks And Feet

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Description: I just had such a good workout, my feet are so stinky in my cute sneakers and socks. I’ll bet you’re excited to smell them, aren’t you? You dirty little foot boy. Here lemme take my shoe off so you can get a good sniff of my socks. Go on loser sniff em. Then watch me take them off so you can see the sexy soles of my smelly feet. Sniff my yummy little feet. Or do you wanna smell my stinky socks? Here let me put them in your face so you can get a whiff. Smell my stinky socks you little loser. I know you like the smell of my sweat. Come smell your bratty princess’s stinky socks. Only a loser like you would like my stinky face in their face, especially by a hot brat who’s so much younger than you. Don’t I have just the sexiest feet? Get your nose up real close and sniff em. Awww is your cock getting hard? I know it is loser. You get excited by a bratty girl’s stinky feet that you’re never gonna have, only over the internet will you ever have them. And you’re just going to jerk your cock to the thought of smelling my stinky socks and feet. You know I think you’re an idiot, don’t you? You love my smell don’t you loser? Keep stroking loser. Stroke to my feet, my socks, my sneakers. You’re just a stupid loser jerking off to my young, stinky feet. I honestly think it’s gross that you like stinky feet. But you, it gets you fucking hard! That’s truly pathetic. But since you’re jerking, you better make it count, I want you to blow a big load for me. I mean look at me, who wouldn’t? Inhale all of my scent you pathetic loser. Now I’m going to count you down to a big orgasm and as I do, I want you to confess how much you love my feet and how much you love sniffing them and my socks. Awww look at you, you’re about so cum for my stinky feet and socks, aren’t you? I know you can’t cum unless you’re sniffing them. Smell em you fucking loser and blow your fucking load!
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