Princess Alexa - CEI Encouragement - Become my cumslut

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Description: Cum Eating Instructions, Jerk Off Instruction You always get so turned on by the thought of eating your cum, but you can never seem to get yourself there. You stroke and jerk your dick thinking the whole time “this is going to be it, im GOING to eat my cum!!” but once you cum in your hands, what happens? You dont do it. Thats sad, know why? I find men who eat there cum to be so hott, so sexy… to be honest, I wouldn’t fuck a guy unless he was going to cum inside of me and eat his cum right out of me. But oh well, you’re too scared to do it. You won’t ever eat your cum, or will you? I am going to encourage you, tease you, and even give you an ultimatum. I will make you into my cum eating slut, You will do it just for me.
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