Madam Asari - Blind Date With BBC JoI Preperation

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Description: You’ve been my little Loser for quite awhile time now and I think it’s prime time we get you into the dating world! You’re so lucky to have me for a Goddess because I’ve gone ahead and set you up with a blind date! (Say “Thank you Madam”) But I want this to be enjoyable for me too so I’ve set you up with a black guy with a HUGE cock! Hahaha! I want to watch as you squirm and take his dick. I want you to recognize you’re always going to be a loser sissy! You need to practice your oral skills and going on various blind dates is what you require! Don’t worry pet I will teach you how to take hot bbc in this sexy jerk off instruction clip. Let’s get that pindick twitching and ready! I may or may not allow you to cum, you’ll just have to see if you’re truly worthy! Let’s prep you for some BBC!
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