Humiliationpov - Goddess Isabel - Drinking My Spit Is So Degrading

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Description: I’ve recently discovered that you have a fetish for my spit, don’t you loser? It’s kinda gross and pathetic, but you find it so degrading, so who am I to stand in your way. In fact, just the opposite, I’m going to indulge you in your sick fetish. And with this new knowledge I want to make you so weak. I’m going to spit in this glass, and when I’m done, I want you to drink up every single drop. And you should be so lucky to be able to drink my spit loser. I’m even going to make you thank me when you’re done gulping it down. So start by stroking your cock for me as you watch me spit in the glass. Watch the way the strands fall down from lips and into the glass. You think that’s so hot, don’t you? You’re turned on by spit because you would find it so degrading to have me spit on you, or to have you drink it. You sick fuck. Just watching me spit in this glass makes you weak for me, knowing that I’m going to degrade you in the worst ways. What could be more humiliating than having me spit on you with disgust? I want you to drink my spit loser. Drink it loser. You can’t resist me. You want my spit so badly. Watch as I twirl it around in my glass in front of your face, teasing you with my spit. Soon I’m going to let you drink it and stroke your cock for me. And when you’re done, you will say, ‘Thank you Mistress for making me drink your spit.’ You should thank me because it made your cock so hard to drink my spit. Drink it, I know that you can’t resist. You fucking pervert.
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