Humiliationpov - Miss Vega - Naughty Sissy Pantyboys Need To Be Spanked

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Description: Hi there my little sissy, I see you’re all dressed up and ready to prance around. You just love getting dressed up in your cute, sexy panties and prancing around your house all by yourself. Tsk tsk, you are such a naughty little sissy. You like to get all frilly and lacy and girlie and prance around and jerk your little clitty, don’t you? I know what you like to do, you can’t keep secrets from me. I know all about you and something has to be done. You are a bad boy, a naughty little sissy. You deserve to be punished. I know your secrets, I know you’re touching your little clitty right now, and there needs to be some discipline in your life. You think being a sissy is all about fun and games and wanking. Well it’s not, there needs to be some discipline in your little sissy life. And I’m going to keep you in line. Now listen to me, little sissy. You are a naughty little sissy and I’m going to spank that little sissy ass of yours until it’s pink, and then I’m going to spank it some more until it’s red. Spank, spank, spank that little sissy ass of yours. You are such a little sissy bitch! I know you crave discipline, you know you’re out of control. So I want you to find a chair and bend over the arm just like you would be bending over Miss Vega’s knee. Put your ass out, show me your pretty panties and I’ll show you my pretty pink panties you little sissy slut. You’re a naughty sissy slut and I’m going to spank that sissy ass of yours. Now shake your sissy ass and I want you to beg me, say, ‘Discipline me Miss Vega, spank my panty sissy ass please because I’ve been such a naughty little sissy slut.’ Beg me. Bend over that chair and arch your back and stick out that sissy panty ass. I’m going to spank that sissy ass of yours so hard you’re going to cry. Pull down your sissy panties and take your hand and Spank that ass of yours! Spank it hard. Oh yea, that feels good doesn’t it, you naughty little sissy. Naughty naughty naughty sissy. You are bad. Spank it. Don’t stop, make it hurt, because you are naughty. Spank that ass for me you little sissy bitch! Faster and harder, make it hurt. You deserve this. Awww your poor little sissy ass. Spank it, you know you love it, you bad little naughty sissy slut.
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