HumiliationPov - Miss Honey Barefeet - Turning You And Your Wife Into My Addicted Foot Slaves

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Description: I know you’re so horny for my feet, it’s so obvious, and easy to keep you addicted to my pretty feet, my cute toes. You just can’t stop, you get so horny every time you see them. I love having that effect on you. Look at them, I know you want to kiss and worship them. You’re wife’s feet will never be as good as mine, they will never turn you on, you will always be craving for my feet. You desire them so badly. Your poor wife has no idea that you spend your money to see my feet. I’m sure she’d be so pissed if she knew that you were spending her money on me and that you used your money on your foot fetish instead of on her. So many years of marriage and she has no idea. It’s your little secret from her. Look at my sexy feet in these heels as I tease you. I know it gives you such a rush, it makes your cock so hard. You want to take it out and stroke for my pretty feet. Look at my perfectly pedicured toes. Your wife would be so jealous if she found out you’re such a sucker for my feet. But do you know what? I’ll bet I could make your wife worship my feet too. I’m pretty sure I could take advantage of both of you and turn you both into my foot bitches. It would be fun to have a pathetic couple worshiping my feet, humiliating the two of you side by side. Two pathetic married fucks, on their knees, worshiping my heels. Each one of you sucking on my toes simultaneously. I’d have you look at each other with my toes in your mouth so you could be see how pathetic you are for me. Your wife could see how turned on you are by sucking on my feet. And then I’d force your wife to spoil my feet as well and I’d make her masturbate as well. Can you imagine the two of you licking my feet and masturbating on the floor next to each other? LOL! That would be so embarrassing for you both. I’m going to tease you both with my feet next to my panties, so you can see my feet, my ass and my pussy together. It will make you both so horny and stupid. I’ll have you so addicted that I’ll make you bring her to me. I wanna see her face when you tell her you’re taking her out for a date but instead, you bring her to me. I can’t wait to see your wife gagging on my feet and the expression on your face as she does. This is all your fault, you’ve been lying to her all these years. Now look at what you’ve gotten her into. I can’t wait to have you both sucking on my heels as you look up at me and I laugh in your faces. And I love that it’s you who brought her to me. Look at my delicious feet. You should both feel really honored that I even let you worship them. I’m going to enslave your wife and make her my foot bitch. Soon she won’t even want anything to do with you, lol! I’ll bet you’ll get so turned on watching me treat your wife as my foot slave. She’s going to love how humiliated I make her feel, she’s going to get as addicted as you are. Soon neither of you will be able to cum without my feet down your throats. You’ll both be on your knees, sucking and masturbating. It’s going to be so fucking hilarious. After I’m done with her she might even divorce you and leave you for me! So bring your wife to worship my feet, let me take advantage of both of you.
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