Princess Taylor Marie - I Kinda Fucked Somebody Else

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Description: I cheated on you last week. Remember when I went to the club? Well I fucked someone else.Im not going to stop. It was amazing. Maybe you can watch sometime. And once he has dumped a huge load deep in my pussy, you can crawl on over and clean me up. You can be on cleanup duty babe since you cant make me cum!I promise Im not leaving you. Im just going to start fucking other people ;-)You know its not normal to want to clean another guys cum from pussy right?I guess, ya know, that you can be our fluffer! When another man comes over to fuck me, you can suck his cock! Do what you need to do so he is nice and hard and ready to fuck me.Is that something you would be willing to do for me? I bet it is you little fucking cuckold.
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