Princess Bella - From Friend Zone To Servant

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Description: I know you lust after me and I have kept you in the friend zone but there is one way to have a relationship with me. I want you to gay marry my new boyfriend I met last week. He needs a green card and I think hes really cute. I dont want to marry him but I told him you are a wimp and had a cuckold fantasy and he said he would love see you playing the gay faggy role around the house. If you want to get out of the friend zone with me you will have to step up and really do this for me. And if I found out you didnt fully commit to respecting him as the man of the house, I will put you right back in the friend zone again. If you cant wear a maids outfit with pride and clean his piss off the toilet with a gay smile on your face, dont even bother talking to me again.
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