Princess Lexie – Click + Pay While You Jerk

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Description: Look at you. Always coming back for more abuse and financial ruin. you’re really pathetic, ya know that? Yeah, I mean it’s so obvious why you’re a 47 year old virgin and always will be a virgin. There’s a few reasons actually: your dick is too small, you’re too addicting to jerking to virtual girls like Me, and most of all you just LOVE to send Me money while I humiliate you, lol! Well I think it’s time to stop fighting it and just face the facts: this is who you are, this is who you’ll always be. A little virgin click-and-pay loser for Me! I know that when I tease you with My hot sexy body like this then you’ll do whatever I say. So why don’t you start jerking that pathetic little dick for Me, yes just like that, good boy. In fact, why don’t you edge for Me too. Open My tribute page while you’re at it, you’re too weak to say no. It’s time to play a little game: let’s see how much $$$$ I can get from you before I finally let you cum!
Models: Princess Lexie
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