Clubstiletto - Goddess Samantha, Mistress T - Lick Our Dirty Ass Cracks POV

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Description: Mistress T and Mistress Samantha want their ass cracks sniffed and licked, and it's YOUR job to do it in this fabulous point-of-view video. Mistress T starts off wearing pantyhose that She has worn for two days just to make it nice and stinky for you. She wants you to bury your nose right in Her ass with Her pantie hose providing the nice rich aromas you crave. Then She slowly pulls down Her pantie hose to reveal Her succulent asshole which you MUST sniff and lick to Her specifications. Mistress T orders you to grab your cocks and start jerking off while She starts fondling Mistress Samantha's gorgeous, full bottom and spreading Her cheeks for you to push your nose right in there and sniff, sniff, sniff. Mistress Samantha looks so-o-o HOT!! The Ladies adore having their asses worshiped and now is your chance to be their personal ass crack licker.
Models: Mistress T
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