Step Mom Fun - Alix Lynx - Jerk It Sucker

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Description: Life sure is strange isnt it? I bet when we were back in high school and you were such a jerk to me that you never guess I would grow up to fall in love and marry your father, making me your step mother. I remember each and every time you embarrassed me in school. You really were a big jerk. Now the tables have turned and its my time for a little fun. I dont especially like you living at home still and would prefer if you moved out asap. You dont have a job or any money saved so kicking your ass to the curb could complicate your current cushy existence. All I have to do is say the word to your father and you are out of here. I do have a heart thought so lets see if you would be willing to endure a little humiliation and let me have some fun. I wont say a word to your father about my disdain for you. Now, pull that dick from you pants and listen to my every word.
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