Leggy Goddess - Getting The Company Credit Card

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Description: You stumble across Roxie Rae in the break room - well, really you were looking for her. She's your favorite secretary to look at. You love fantasizing about her petite feet, what they might look like close up.Roxie is sick of you drooling over her, and she wants that raise you keep blowing off, so she decides to humor you, but you're going to have to do something for her.You eagerly agree as she slips off one of her tall heels revealing one of her small feet in perfect nude hose with a faint, sheer, reinforced toe.Roxie invites you to stroke your cock, she's getting that raise today for sure. She knows that you will do anything, you're so weak for her feet. Before you cum you'll have agreed to let her embezzle from petty cash to take herself out to lunch and buy herself gifts. You'll even hand over the company credit card in hopes that one day she might let you actually touch her soft soles.
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