Goddess Jasmine – Your Escape from Reality

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Description: Back again, always diverting yourself away from the harsh reality that you live. Repeatedly loitering around the Femdom section, regularly adding to your huge collection of clips this is your escape. You don’t fit into the normal world but in the Femdom you feel at ease, comfortable and uncontrollably horny. This is why you are a recluse now, spending all day everyday alone trawling the internet and stroking yourself into stupidity over hot, dominant women who are totally out of your league. You really do live the life of a loser. How one curios click has landed you into a whole world of sheer addiction and I am here to only worsen this, encouraging your weak submissive tendencies and to ensure you are kept well and truly hooked. You don’t want a way out anyway, this is your happy place. I am your escape.
Models: Goddess Jasmine
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