Goddess Jasmine – Friend Zoned Forever

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Description: Have you accepted it yet huh? Have you accepted that you will always be the ‘friend’ to these girls. The loser that never even gets to first base as he never manages to even seal a date. What a joke, what a pathetic embarrassment to the male kind you are. Do you enjoy being rejected? Do you enjoy the complete and utter humiliation of being turned down over and over again with women? I bet it makes you dick throb doesn’t it, knowing that you aren’t good enough and never will be and the only possession in a women life is of a friend who will more than likely be used when needed. Laughing at you and mocking you for your misfortune is so much fun. To belittle and make fun of your life is only what you deserve. You are actually living the life of a stereotypical loser and there is nothing you can do but embrace this existence you are living.
Models: Goddess Jasmine
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