Goddess Jasmine – Controlling Your Finances

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Description: You crave to be financially controlled to be budgeted by your Goddess. To be left with the bare necessities to get you through whilst I lead a life of sheer luxury. You know you deserve nothing more than a life of poverty, starvation and misery all to ensure that I am kept happy, my greed is met and my addiction to cash is fulfilled. You will work extra hours, numerous jobs, you will lose all self respect and will agree to anything that can possibly make you a buck no matter how demoralizing and embarrassing it could be. You will be filled with self hate, you will beat your self up and will be in a constant glum of depression but you will still keep going. You will cut off all social ties, your friends will become a distant memory as all your time will be spent working. Going from job to job and getting the minimum amount of rest to ensure you have the energy to perform at work. As soon as the sun rises you are out earning, working till you are physically drained and mentally scarred. Only then you may retire to your bed to worship me. The only free time you will have is to sleep, prepare yourself for your next shift and to buy my clips and worship your shrine to me. I am your G0d, I am your savior and you owe everything to me. Being a worker bee for me really makes you smile, you feel some worth and you have a meaning to life. Seeing me spending your cash makes you harder than ever before and you know you must work hard to keep up.
Models: Goddess Jasmine
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