Danielle Maye – Guilty or Not Guilty

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Description: This was a Custom Request from My Mystery Man, he loves a strong sexy woman getting what she wants. Danielle introduces herself and eases his concerns on whether he should be talking to her. Smiling Danielle jokes it’s not like she going to try and intimidate him. She explains his evidence is all about perceptions. The jury know he is an honest reliable witness with no personal stake in the outcome of the case. All this makes him a very creditable. However what he witnessed can be viewed from different perspectives. For example he may see her as just the defense attorney. Alternatively he could view her as an incredibly attractive young woman who is frankly a 10. In reality he knows she is out of his league but at the moment he has something she wants. Dani starts to teasingly show of her cleavage as she tells him that she doesn’t want him to fib or anything it’s just she wants him to consider other possible alternatives which could account for what he saw. Dani takes the opportunity to pull her dress down to reveal her designer black bra and more important her spectacular cleavage. Dani tells him you know what you saw but perhaps you misunderstood what was happening. A nod from him is sufficient for Dani to push down her bra and her pert vibrant tits spring out. She cups her ‘pride’ and ‘joy’ and cheekily suggests they are considerably bigger than his wife’s. Under cross examination Dani is just going to suggest other possible scenarios that might account for what he witnessed. All he needs to do is to consider what it will be like to have Dani wrap her tits around his throbbing cock. If he gives the right answer in court later that could happen. Dani takes off her dress…She just wants him to keep an open mind when she questions him. Once he agrees that her hypothetical scenario is possible Dani like the ditzy blonde she is will go back to her desk to look for some papers. He will not be able to but help to notice her firm ass in her tight skirt. Dani gives her backside a firm slap. He will admire her fantastic athletic legs and her sexy stocking with heels. Her designer panties match her bra and her tort toned body looks exquisite in her sexy underwear, stocking and heels. Dani tells him that he mustn’t disappoint her. She smiles wickedly as she teases how much he wants her to wrap her cherry red lips around his cock. She confidently boasts that her blow jobs are simply electrifying. Her tone becomes more assertive and domineering as she caresses her sexy black panties with her beautifully manicured hands. Dani knows her delicious ass and black stocking are too much for him to resist. He will do anything for her. Dani grins as she wriggles her deliciously wonderful ass knowing his testimony will now lead to her client’s acquittal. She is going to win another un-winnable case. She quips you know you can trust me I’m a lawyer! Dani wearing just her see through underwear, stocking and heels looks just irresistible. The witness fueled by her false promises will be her to play with in court.
Models: Danielle Maye
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