Worship Goddess Jasmine – Addicted to Int0xication

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Description: Addicted to me and addicted to is only going to end one way. You crave that euphoric feeling, desperately aching for control. With each hit you know you are only pushing yourself deeper into that black hole of addiction. You can’t resist me you try so hard not to lose yourself but my curves and those akyl nitrates lure you in. Your mine, you want to be toyed with, you want to be destroyed and you want to surrender every part of you. It feels good to get your fix, it feels amazing to be controlled and nothing else matters when your head is fuzzy and all you can hear is my alluring voice. Through the haze you see my beauty and are besotted, you want to submit to me in every way possible. Feeling woozy and extremely horny, you are at my mercy and there is nothing you can do. I have this hold of you and you don’t know how but it feels good and you never want it to end. Get your fix addict.
Models: Goddess Jasmine
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