Seduction is Power - Surrender to the Gold Digger Nurse

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Description: Lacie returns in her sexy skimpy nurse uniform to work her wiles on you. a very wealthy patient in for a routine checkup. Lacie appears, and she is dressed very unlike your usual nurses, and she says you need special care. You suspect it’s a scam, since you’ve dealt with gold diggers before. But Lacie says she just wants to take good care of you and she says she’s worried about your pressure and needs you to take some deep breaths She breathes with you and watching Lacie breathe and her breasts rise and fall is very relaxing, and soon you’ve forgotten your suspicions. To completely put you under her spell she takes off her top and counts you down. When she counts to 3 you find yourself telling her she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen and you’re begging her to go out with you to the fanciest place in town.
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