Miss Mackenzie - Watch Your Headmistress Change into Her Gorgeous Strappy Heels

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Description: It is the end of another busy day as Headmistress and I cant wait to take my feet out of my warm high heel court shoes. The best part is, now the school day is finished, I can slip on my gorgeous gold gladiator style high heel sandals. They are some of my favourites and make my sexy feet look gorgeous. I slide on the heels and zip them up at the back, then give you a sexy show. Wiggling my toes and scrunching them up as much as I can inside the shoe. I guarantee you'll be stuck dreaming repeatedly of licking my heels & toes if you dare to watch this clip! #Dangling, #Dangling Shoes, #High Heels, #Sandals, #Sandals Fetish, #Shoes, #Toenail Fetish, #Toes,
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