Goddess Sierra Nicole - Foot Slave Nightly

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Description: Goddess Sierra Nicole is getting ready for bedtime, and she needs you to clean and worship her feet before she can sleep peacefully. She tells you to come close, and promises that if you lick her feet properly, tomorrow, you might get a release from your chastity! She informs you that she wants both feet sparkling clean, teasing you with the key to your cock cage in her hands. Swinging the keys in your face, she tells you that you're slacking, and instructs you to stay focused. You're doing a good job now, and she praises you for it. You must really want a chance to cum tomorrow, slave. Be a good foot slut, and suck on her toes before she goes to bed. Otherwise, you might stay on dick lockdown for even longer. When she's had enough, she sends you lay at the foot of her bed, telling you that you did a great job. If you're lucky, she'll still feel like letting you out of chastity in the morning
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