Ashley Alban - CEI With Shotglass

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Description: It has been a while since one of your CEI sessions with Ashley. She has a special idea. Ashley wants you to go get a shot glass. Do you have it ready? Good. Today you're going to jack off and when you're ready, you're going to cum into the shot glass. Then you're going to eat your cum like you're taking a shot of alcohol!Ashley tells you to take out your dick and start stroking it. She takes out her tits as well and teases you with them to get your cock hard. How much of the glass do you think you'll fill up with your cum? Probably not too much. Ashley thinks it would take 5 guys to fill the glass up. Do you wish you had five loads to eat instead of just your own? Ashley tells you that next time she'll bring a bunch of guys so they can all cum in the shot glass. You would love that wouldn't you? I bet you would even suck their dicks just so you could eat all their loads at the end!Now that you're rock hard, Ashley encourages you to jack off right into the shot glass. After you fill it with your load, she tells you to pour your cum right into your mouth!
Models: Ashley Alban
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