Goddess Alexandra Snow - Trance: Luminous Jewels

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Description: You've just started seeing a new therapist because your previous therapist thought you needed a new tactic-- to use trancetherapy to work through your issues. She explains how trance works, begins to instruct you on relaxing.. And soon you're slipping into a very nice trance with a very nice lady.Once you're under, she transforms from kind and gentle therapist to a female supremacist. She tells you that your issues are definitely related to how you view women, that you don't worship and revere women the way you should. She introduces a sparkly ring into your vision and you find yourself unable to look away from it. The longer you stare, the more her words sink in. You will be a good, obedient man and will serve the needs of all women.. beginning with her. And each time she puts on a sparkly piece of jewelry, you fall back into this state once more. You can't escape her rewiring of your mind.
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