Princess Kelly Sunshine - Shiny Pink Mind Fuck

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Description: You are sooo stupid weak for Me. Giving in to everything I tell you to do. You get so weak for My shiny outfits & shiny jewelry. You must stare deeply... Relax. It feels so good to relax, let go and obey... You've been paying Me all night and there's no sign of stopping. You always need to send more. You can't help it. Give in deeper. That's right where I want you. Let go of everything. Nothing else matters. You get so mind fucked when you stare at Me. I want you nice and fucked up for Me tonight. Keep sipping on that drink for Me, allowing your mind to become hazy as I completely drain you. I will use & take advantage of you. You can't help but give Me what I want. I want more money. I'm so sexy and , you become weaker than ever. I'm everything you've ever dreamed of. Give Me more and more. More is always the answer... Nothing else matters.
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