Humiliation POV - Kelle Martina - Masturbation Makes You A Dumb, Obedient Jerk Zombie

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Description: Hello little jerk addict, I know you love stroking for me. And there is a reason that I love when you stroke for me. I mean I know why you love it, it feels good and it gets you off. But theres one very important thing that masturbation teaches you, obedience. Have you ever noticed how dumb you get the harder your cock gets? You turn into a total obedient jerk zombie. All the moves out of your brain and into your cock. You just get so weak. So start stroking. Yes that feels so good. Youre going to start out stroking slow, and then Im going to make you go faster and faster as you get closer to cumming. But youre not allowed to cum until I say so. But for now, just jerking, nice and slow, up and down, jerking and jerking as I instruct you and tease you with my sexy body. Get into a rhythm, as you start to feel an overwhelming sense of obedience as I completely take over your brain. Youll start to feel more obedient for me the harder you jerk. You just want to in the feeling of submission and helplessness. Jerk it faster. Dont you feel your will power draining away the more you stroke? All you want to do is be an obedient boy for me. Why do you think its so easy for hot girls like me to tease you out of everything? We can get you to do anything we want. For some reason the meaner I am to you the harder you get. You like it when girls are mean to you, when they turn you into a little stroke zombie. Dont stop jerking. I want you to jerk yourself until youre my obedient little pet. As you get closer and closer to orgasm you become more pliable and obedient. I can make you do anything I want when I get you to stroke for me. Its just so much better when I tell you how to jerk for me, instead of your sad little habits jerking all by yourself. You need me. You need to be a good obedient boy for me. You just cant get enough of stroking, you love your hand around your cock, just pumping it again and again. I know youre getting close. Cumming is your reward for being a good obedient boy. What you dont realize is that this instruction is just training you to be more obedient. Thats why I do this for you. Teaching you obedience through masturbation. Im molding you into exactly what I want. And that makes your dick even harder, knowing that Im changing you.
Models: Kelle Martina
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