Princess Kelly Sunshine - Devote your Life to Me

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Description: Your life is changing. You have finally found your place beneath Me and it feels so good. It feels incredible to worship the most perfect Goddess in the entire universe. I own you and you are so happy to be all Mine. Now that you are Mine, you must focus each day on deepening your addiction, showing your devotion. Pay close attention as I guide you through a day in your new life. You will worship exactly as I instruct. It feels so good to be controlled in every way imaginable. Seeing My smile as I praise you saying "good boy" makes you tingle all over. I will be in your head all day. Weaving My way into your life, taking over your entire existence. It feels so amazing to know you belong to Me. It feels so right to finally be serving a greater purpose than living selfishly with only your shallow needs in mind. You will worship Me daily, repeating over and over "I worship Princess Kelly. I live for Princess Kelly. I need Princess Kelly. Princess Kelly owns Me." Follow My commands and become the perfect slave boy for Me.