Princess Lacey - 10 Days - 10 Evil Tasks

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Description: My little slave just can't get enough of humiliating himself for my enjoyment. So here is another 10 tasks for you to do in order to entertain me. Now if you can do all 10 of these I will allow you to purchase another clip I made that will be coming out soon. It is a topless clip and I know how much you are in love with my tits so you better make sure to finish all of these tasks. Do you losers want a couple of hints at what the tasks are??? Too bad!! I will tell you some of the tasks I have given him lately that he had to do leading up to my birthday. He had to paint his toenails. He had to piss on his pillow and s***p on it. He had to piss in his own face. Oh the list can go on, but now it is time to get these humiliating tasks going. Do you think you can do it? Any of you? Because I think this might be my most humiliating video yet. Also these are so intense I want them done on 10 separate days.
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