Ezada Sinn - Post-Orgasmic Whipping

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Description: My slave has just been milked after 2 weeks of chastity, his pathetic flaccid cock is now locked back in chastity. I'm sure he would like to rest now, just lie in bed and relax, but I've got other plans for him. It would be too easy to just dismiss him now; I like to make My slaves' lives hard, not easy. So what I want to do with My slave now is to whip him. I want him to face Me and look into My eyes while I'm whipping his back, I want to see his pain. his suffering is what makes makes My pleasure, the torment I see on his face makes Me wet. he may be a masochist, but now, after he's just had an orgasm (albeit a ruined one), I know a whipping is the last thing in the world that he would want. And because of that, it is exactly what he is going to get. A good old hard whipping.
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