Goddess Alexandra Snow - Tantric Orgasm Training I

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Description: I hate the term "erectile dysfunction" because it makes men believe that things are broken. The only thing that needs to be broken are bad habits. These are all very common issues that often stem from mental and physical habits concerning your sexuality. The good news is that you can fix these habits and your body--and mind-- can be retrained. Instead of forcing pills down your throat, let's go for the source of the issue. Who better than me to guide you through: a beautiful, knowledgeable, dominant woman who will keep your cock firmly in lineI have developed 4 weeks of erotic exercises to help break bad habits and reformulate new ones. We will focus this time on tantric-style masturbation-- without orgasm-- and with focusing on pleasure, stroke types, breathing, and fantasy development. I want you to be able to maintain your erection for as long as hard as need be and to receive full amatory sensation from your entire genitalia.This is useful for those in an out of relationships and does not require you to be of submissive orientation, although submissives will respond to my sensual style as usual. In 6 weeks, we will move on to Stage II.
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