Humiliation - Goddess Isabel Robotic - Jerk Machine Under My Hyp n0 tic Control

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Description: I know you love jerking your cock while you get hyp n0 t!zed by me. You can’t resist me, your hyp n0 t!c Goddess. You really can’t. Stroke that fucking cock. I will control every single movement of your hand, loser. Obey me. Surrender and bow down. Worship your Goddess.Follow my pendant. Follow my voice. Keep following my sensual voice, down, down. Deeper now. Worship me, bow down. as I take you deep under my control. I’m going to turn you into a jerking machine. I know that you love stroking that ridiculous cock that controls you while you’re watching me. That makes it so easy to control you. Stroke and go deeper. Stroke and feel your mind slipping away. Just a jerking machine for your superior Goddess to play with.You can’t stop stroking as you fall into a deep trance. Keep following my voice. Faster now my little jerk machine. Programming your weak mind. Now stop. Twitch and throb. Mind going deeper. Keep following my voice so you don’t get lost. I am there, in your mind, you hold on to every word. You need me there, to hold on to when you’re this deep.Now stroke your cock again, you can only stroke it for me while you’re under my hyp n0 t!c control. You can’t stroke without my permission. Stroke it faster for me. You fucking addict. I’m turning you into a jerking machine and you are helpless to stop me. Feel your hand, your cock, moving for me, without your control. Just a jerk machine. Pumping, jerking. Brainless. You are an insignificant jerk machine.You can’t cum you stupid jerk addict. Just jerk jerk jerk. A mindless jerk machine, getting dumber and dumber for me. I’m putting you on auto pilot now, just jerking for me, unable to stop. A mindless jerk machine. You can’t resist me. Stroke, stroke, stroke…
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