Goddess Mira - Cuckold

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Description: Hi goddess! I'd love it if you could make me a video in which I'm your cuckold. I'd like you to include sph, joi, bbc and a cum countdown. Pretend you're my girlfriend and that we've entertained the idea of letting you fuck bigger Cocks for your pleasure but that now you want to take the next steps and you'd like a bbc. Start by telling me you have a big surprise and you want me to start stroking until I'm nice and hard, tease me along the way, bring it up and tell me if I cum you're doing it. Please, mention that you want to share yourself with a cock that can fill you up and go deeper. That you need a little more than just 6 inches for an ass like yours but you'll let me watch. If you could entertain the thought of being a size queen I'd worship you foreveeer. Not that I don't already
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