Bratty Jamie - Lets Play Cards

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Description: Request: For this game you would take a 32 card deck consisting of 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of each suit (you could also use a bigger deck but I doubt that there is enough time for that in a 7 minute video). The cards have different properties depending on their color (red/black) and their value. The game starts with the viewer having to put a dildo in his butt. Then you start drawing cards from the stack putting them on a table. You keep on drawing cards until the color changes. Once that happens the viewer has to quickly perform the tasks related to the cards currently on the table in the order they have been drawn. (Excluding the last card that changed the color). Red cards stand for anal and black cards for ballbusting. Specifically number cards mean the viewer has to fuck his ass/slap his balls as many times as the cards say. Face cards have special meanings. The red Jacks, Queens and Kings mean that the viewer has to perform ass to mouth, taking the dildo out of his ass, sucking on it and putting it back in. Red Aces mean the same but include deep throating until the viewer gags. On the other side the black face cards stand for a punch to the balls and the Aces for a punch to the balls with a heavy object of your choice. I would love if you could instruct the viewer performing the tasks, for example by clapping along to set the pace and shouting “punch” etc. Feel free to extend the rules if you like, I’m always open for surprises. Example: You draw the following cards in this order: 10 of hearts, 7 of diamonds, Ace of diamonds, 9 of hearts and 8 of spades. The four red cards would end up on the table, the black card goes back on top of the stack. Now the viewer had to fuck his ass 17 times, perform an ass to mouth until he gags, put the dildo back in his ass and fuck himself 9 more times. Then the cards go off the table and you start drawing again, starting with the 8 of spades that went back to the stack. This repeats until all cards have been drawn.
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