Princess Lacey – The Truth About Small Dicks

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Description: “It isnt the size the matters, it is how you use it.” Ever heard that? Well guess what, it is a fucking lie!! Sure having a big dick doesn’t automatically mean you can fuck. But having a small one means automatically that you can’t. When I was younger and much dumber I hooked up with a guy who was less than average in the dick department. It was terrible. The worst sex of all time. If you have a small penis u shouldn’t ever have sex. Do women of the world a fucking favor and don’t try to trick us. The funny part is that now I can usually tell which guys have a small dick. That is right you shrimp dicked freaks, most of us ladies can tell you have a small dick just by looking at you. Think about that next time you`re out and about. We all know!
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