Humiliation POV - Princess Kendi Olsen - Bratty Loser Brainfucking, Complete Ego Destruction

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Description: You love being teased by a hot young brat, it’s why you come back again and again, you just can’t get enough. It’s kinda weird and sick but I enjoy indulging you, some kind of morbid curiosity I suppose. I do wonder though why come back. You keep jerking and jerking for someone you’re never going to have. I’m never going to want to be with you, it makes me sick just thinking about it. So what’s the point? Why do you crave the humiliation and verbal abuse that I dole out?I’m making fun of you and you still can’t look away. You love being teased by my hot body. Are you ever sad that you’re not an alpha male and that you’ll never get to fuck girls like me? You’re just a pathetic loser who will never have a chance with a hot young girl like me. The closest you’ll ever get to me is cumming on your computer screen. Awwww poor little loser. You have nothing to offer a girl like me. I mean you can offer your cash, but there’s not enough money in the world to ever get one of us to fuck you. That’s sick.But I do love teasing you, I love how turned on you get watching me. You love watching my young body as you jerk even though I’m so mean to you. And the meaner I am the more turned on you get. You crave me even more. There’s something about knowing that you’ll never have me that makes you want me more and more. And so I’m able to condition you, turning you into my little stroke slut. Beating off for someone you’ll never have, for someone who actively dislikes you. I don’t even know you and I don’t like you. You’re not good for anything, except to sit there while I drive you crazy.It's so funny that I think so little of you and you think so highly of me. You think of me all the time. I’m always on your mind, embedded deep into your psyche, working on your weak, vulnerable mind. It must be so humiliating to have your life controlled by someone who doesn’t even like you. While you sit there jerking it to me. You think I'm literally a goddess. You’re so fucking stupid. I never think of you loser.You’re infatuation with me has gotten out of hand. It’s gotten so bad that I’m the only thing that turns you on now. You live for the tease and the denial. You need a hot brat to degrade you, to make you feel like the insecure little loser that you are. And you love it. Nothing else makes you cum this hard. Nothing else is important to you any more. Your real life problems don’t even matter when I’m in front of you. You’re in too deep to ever quit now. You’re mine now, I rule you, and I'm never going to let you go.Even when you’re broken, just an empty shell of your former self, just a mindless robot who can’t do anything but jerk it to me., you’ll still come back. I crave your destruction, that’s what makes this fun for me.
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