I WANT FEET Hot foot clips - Mothers Meet

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Description: INCREDIBLY HOTT NEW MILF!!!! DO NOT MISS IT!!! MILF Jasmine is Danica's mom and she's come over to meet with Mia. Mia is one of Danica's friend's mom. Jasmine just so happen to read some text messages and diary entries talking about this "Mia" person and being seduced into loving feet and foot worship. So Jasmine asks to come over and meet with Mia. Of course Mia isn't thinking anything of it as it's customary to meet the parents of your 's friends. The meeting begins as one would expect with the exchanging of pleasantries and a bit of chit chat. Then Jasmine begins to inquire about these diary entries and text messages involving Mia and her daughter having "foot worship" sessions. Mia is immediately caught off guard and she assumes that Jasmine is mad at her for corrupting her daughter. Quite to the contrary, Jasmine drops her shoe and begins to play a little footsie with Mia. She tells her that she is curious about all of this as she herself has always had a "thing" for feet but never explored it. Mia understands immediately and invites her in the bedroom where they can "experiment". What follows is AN INCREDIBLY SEXY, FOOT WORSHIP SESSION!!! Jasmine LOVES to have her feet licked and she's even better at worshipping. The girls eat each others' feet PASSIONATELY! In the end Jasmine expresses interest in how she can get involved with the younger daughters and their foot play much as Mia has managed to do. Mia tells her not to worry that there's a slumber party in a few days and she has a fantasic plan to help "introduce" Jasmine to the girls and their foot worship sessions!